Five years ago today, I launched a campaign to audition for the role of John Stewart aka The Green Lantern in the upcoming DC Comics film “Green Lantern Corps.” It was one of the boldest and bravest endeavors I’ve ever set out to do.

Why so you ask? Well, we all know how critical people are of film and television productions these days with the Marvel/DC Comic community being most unsympathetic. I knew what I was getting into but as an actor, I couldn’t let fear stand in the way of something wonderful taking place if I simply tried. We have to take risks. Its necessary in life particularly if we want growth. So I dropped my picture and trailer on September 10, 2015 and within 24 hours, it reached over one hundred thousand people with over eight thousand comments. Some wanted to know who I was, shouted out other A-list actors who they believed would be better, gave me the thumbs down and worse. Then there were those who backed my efforts, shared my post with their support and made a number of images of me wearing the Green Lantern suit. I can’t begin to tell you how reassuring those few were in the midst of it all.

I’ve made some really good connections and have befriended a number of people through this journey to become a superhero on screen. I haven’t given up and to be honest, my vision is bigger today. I won’t tell everything but there’s one piece I can share…they know my name. That was confirmed. 🙂

The Green Lantern Teaser