I attended an event yesterday evening in recognition of Phylicia Rashad and Lynn Whitfield. The gems they dropped on us were wonderful. Listening to how important it is to commit to your work, train, get an understanding of who you are as opposed to the character you’re playing was golden. I had a discussion recently with someone who was considering acting. While answering the questions that were raised, I was told and I quote, “I watch a lot of YouTube videos and practice a monologue so I don’t see a need for classes.” This is the very thing Ms. Lynn and Ms. Phylicia touched on and why their work is so much more powerful and relatable.

My intention was to gain more insight on everything I’m working so hard on and to reconnect with Ms. Rashad. She recognized me immediately. We had a wonderful talk but what I realized in speaking was her genuine concern for me. She asked me twice, “How’s everything going?” I said all is well and she stared at me for a second before asking again. I’m guessing my eyes didn’t lie and I said that things could certainly be better. She embraced me and assured me that things are about to turn for the greater and quickly.

I’m grateful to her and so glad I was in attendance. There are days when we need that reassurance that our labor is not in vain and to hear it from an icon in the industry is priceless. Thank you Aunt Phylicia!