Let me be honest, this journey is not easy. There have been many times at the end of a day when I’ve sat in a very quiet room to get my thoughts together and convince myself that my breakthrough will arrive very soon. I’m not an actor to be popular, I’m in this because I absolutely love what I do. With this love comes work, determination, consistency and, most of all, faith.

I have to believe by faith that my labor is not in vain and I will receive everything I’ve been working and praying so hard for. Faith is known to move mountains. Literally. In the last few months, I’ve had auditions and callbacks that could literally change my career for the greater…and I didn’t book any of them. This is where faith was activated. I’m reminded that what’s ordained for me will arrive just as it has for many others.

I’m blessed to have the gift of patience and the heart of a champion who doesn’t accept failure. Every “no” puts me closer to that one big “YES!” I’m ready for that day and until then, I’ll keep pressing on by faith.